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Peruvian Soccer Team Accidentally Leaves Player In Colombia

home-alonePeruvian soccer player Hernan Rengifo is livid with the management of Peru’s national team. He’s got a pretty good reason.

Following Peru’s 1-0 loss in Colombia, the team left Rengifo behind, only realizing that he was still in Medellin when they had arrived back in Lima.

Of all of the places in the world that you’d not want…

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Note to Self: Don’t Use Ass to Stop the Ball While Playing Soccer in Peru

The play above may look innocent, but be assured, it is a serious threat to Peruvian national security.

Apparently, trapping the ball with one’s ass cheeks is highly offensive in Peru. This 2-second display of soccer skill then led to a riot, which caused the match to be stopped as fans ran on the…

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