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Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball, Gives It To His Daughter, Girl Throws It Away: Video

Every now and then we get a good “aww” moment in sports, but this one comes from an unlikely source: Philadelphia.

Jayson Werth hit a foul ball into the upper level at Citizens Bank Park. A dad in Phillies gear made a nice play, then took in the applause of his fellow fans…

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Aussie Rules Football Player Gets Beer Thrown On Him By Fan: Video

Shane Victorino can take comfort in knowing that he wasn’t the only professional athlete to have beer thrown on him this week by an opposing fan.

Down in Australia, Brad Johnson of the AFL’s Western Bulldogs was greeting some children following a match against the Brisbane Lions when a woman tossed her beer…

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Cubs Fan Throws Beer On Shane Victorino, Security Ejects The Wrong Man: Video

Imagine you’re at a Cubs game and you managed to snag front row bleacher seats. You’ve got a perfect view of the game and close access to the outfielders for heckling purposes. If you’re one guy in this video, you’re the asshole who threw a beer at Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino as he…

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