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Nebraska coach gets hit in the groin with a football: Video

Coaches get angry with referees frequently, but this unnamed Nebraska coach had a very legitimate reason to be upset with one of the officials at this past weekend’s Nebraska/Kansas game.

Watch as the referee moves down the sideline signaling an incomplete pass. The ball goes right past his moving screen and into the…

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Soccer player gets kicked in the balls: Video

It’s Monday, and those of you who are fortunate enough to have jobs probably feel like you’ve been kicked in the balls at some point today.

So take a minute from your busy day and enjoy the misfortune of John Hutchinson of Australia’s Central Coast Mariners. Hutchinson and Carlos Hernandez of the Melbourne…

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Fat Referee Takes Soccer Ball To The Groin: Video

Someone getting hit in the groin = funny. A referee who resembles √úter getting hit in the groin = hilarious.

Not only did the kid stagger around for a full 17 seconds, the laughter of the entire crowd (not to mention the kids on the field) can clearly be heard as he crumbled…

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Baseball Bloopers

Our vacation programming begins with some bloopers from around Major League Baseball. Please enjoy these players dropping balls, getting hit in the groin, and falling over. And because Jose Canseco was sadly not included in this compilation, here you go.

Mexican Soccer Coach Kicks Panamanian Player In The Balls During Gold Cup: Video

Yesterday’s Gold Cup match between Mexico and Panama featured an array of bad sportsmanship on all sides, but particularly from Mexico.

Unprofessional Foul has the entire recap with several videos that you should definitely head over and check out, but here’s the short version of one of the incidents.


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