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Rick Ankiel Runs Headfirst Into Outfield Wall: Video

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel was running after a fly ball tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies and after making the catch, he ran right into the outfield wall, slamming into it with his face.

Someone get that man some HGH, stat.

Despite his scary headfirst crash into the wall, it appears…

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Hockey Player Hits Goalie Over The Head With His Stick After Goal: Video

It’s a wonder that more athletes don’t flip out on goalies. When things go well, they get a lot of credit, but when things aren’t going so well, the goalie is also the first to be blamed, especially if he gives up easy goals.

During a game between the Czech Republic and Slovakia…

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Romanian Soccer Sideline Reporter Gets Hit In The Head With A Ball: Video

During coverage of a Romanian soccer match between Dinamo Bucaresti and , this reporter was on air giving her news when she got nailed in the side of her head with a soccer ball.

Even though she didn’t see that coming, she was a true professional & kept right on going.


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Russian Soccer Referee Gets Nailed In The Face By A Ball: Video

During a match between Amkar and Kuban in the Russian Premier-Liga, referee Almira Kayumov got a little bit too close to the action.

Following a stoppage, play restarted with a free kick, but the referee either wasn’t ready for play to begin or simply wasn’t paying attention. Whatever the case, he got smacked…

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Joe Martinez Hit In The Head By Line Drive: Video

There’s little scarier than sports than a well-hit ball back to the pitcher’s mound. The pitcher has just completed his motion and is left with no time to react to a ball hit at his head.

That’s just what happened during tonight’s game between the San Francisco Giants and the Milwaukee Brewers. During…

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