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Kid Gets Hit In The Face With A Soccer Ball: Video

Not much more to say here after that title. One kid kicks a soccer ball, and the other kid who is holding the camera ends up on the receiving end while making a fantastic “oof” sound. I dare you to not watch this at least 12 times.

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Ze Carlos Uses Ze Elbows, Gets Ze Red Card After Just 12 Seconds: Video

It’s rare that the first few seconds of a soccer match get much action, as players are just getting into position and know they still have 90 minutes to go.

Keeping that in mind, it takes a real effort to get yourself red carded just 12 seconds into a match. Ze Carlos of…

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This Coach Should Leave The Soccer Playing To The Kids: Video

The first part of this video must be something that is repeated in youth soccer leagues all across the country on weekends. What sets it apart is what happens next.

An extra ball from another field got loose on the pitch during this kids game, and one of the coaches went to go…

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Mexican Soccer Fan Punches Woman In The Face: Video

The first rule of fighting is: Do not hit a woman.

The second rule of fighting is: DO NOT HIT A WOMAN.

Someone needs to tell this Mexican soccer fan these rules. In the middle of a match between Indios de Ciudad Juárez and Pachuca, he got into an argument with another…

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Little Leaguer Hits Coach In The Head With Line Drive: Video

This Little League coach was just trying to help this kid out with a nice fat pitch that he could drive up the middle. He was successful, as the kid drilled a line drive right back at his head.

The kid standing next to the pitcher must be disappointed that this coach’s fat…

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