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England U-21 team practices kicking balls into the faces of their teammates (Video)

Fabrice Muamba has fantastic aim, provided that he was intending to do that to poor Jason Steele during training with England’s U-21 team for the European Championships.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some fan or member of the media who posted a slow-motion video replay of an English player getting nailed in the face with the ball on YouTube; it’s an official video from the FA…

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Kid Gets Hit In The Head With Field Goal: Video

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of a buzzer beater attempt at a school basketball game that nails a kid in the head. This video of a high school football game field goal attempt is very similar and just as entertaining…

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Sergio Garcia Hits Guy In The Head: Video

Note to all golf fans: just because you’re watching professionals when you’re at an event doesn’t mean that every shot they take is going to be a good one, so you might want to pay attention.

This spectator at the World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational wasn’t looking toward the tee, so Sergio Garcia…

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Rugby Referee Gets Knocked Out By Players: Video

NRL referees are not difficult to see, as they wear bright pink. Still, Jamie Simpson of the South Sydney Rabbitohs somehow couldn’t avoid running into ref Tony De Las Heras during a match against the Brisbane Broncos last month.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Broncos player Tonie Carroll then nailed De Las…

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Girl Gets Nailed In The Face With Soccer Ball: Video

Coaches tell players to get in front of a shot to block it. That’s exactly what this poor girl did during a soccer game. Unfortunately for her, she blocked it with her face.

As if taking a ball to the face wasn’t bad enough, her block went right back to the attacker, who…

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