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Canadian skier suffers road rash to his buttocks after getting dragged by party bus

Canadian Olympic skier and World Cup champion Manuel Osborne-Paradis is set to star in the sequel to Terrance and Phillip’s “Asses of Fire”, “Asses of Fire 2: Party Bus Boogaloo”, following a successful audition during the recent Calgary Stampede.

From the Vancouver Sun:
Osborne-Paradis, 27, is recovering in hospital from “severe road rash to his buttocks” after he climbed onboard…

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Mark Wahlberg Nails Fan In The Butt With First Pitch: Video

Before you get too far reading this, make sure you skip ahead in the video above to around the 4:37 mark, unless you particularly want to hear Skip Bayless and the rest of the ESPN talking heads.

With that out of the way, Mark Wahlberg threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park…

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Anthony Kim Drive Nails A Spectator In The Butt: Video

“Hey, what’s everybody looking at? Why am I facing the opposite direction of everyone else?”


Anthony Kim was probably none-too-happy after his tee shot on the 18th hole of the AT&T National nailed a spectator in the rear end. How much did Tiger Woods pay that guy to stand there like…

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