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Novak Djokovic hurt by falling autograph-seeking fans (video)

Novak Djokovic is currently in Australia, playing in the Hopman Cup as he prepares for the upcoming Australian Open. Following his 6-3, 6-4 victory over Italy’s Andreas Seppi, Djokovic took his life into his own hands by venturing over to sign autographs for a wily gang of dangerous kids.

As he started to sign, the wall gave way, sending children tumbling toward the world’s #1 tennis player…

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Mozambique Goalkeeper Faceplant Fail – Africa Cup of Nations 2010 (video)

Come for the soccer, stay for the preschool-level gymnastics!

The Africa Cup of Nations is underway, and based on this video of the Mozambique goalie flipping face first over the ball rather than securing it, it appears to be the only major soccer tournament to take place using a ball filled with lead…

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From Sweden, here’s the worst goal celebration ever: Video

Henrik Andersen is only 18, so he’s not only fairly new to professional hockey, he’s also new to goal celebrations. Anderson scored his first goal of the season for Sweden’s Leksand and immediately tried an Ovechkin-style celebration by crashing into the glass.

Not only did he crash into it, he crashed right through…

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Phillies Fan Falls Off Taxi While Celebrating Win: Video

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight in Game 5 of the NLCS to earn a spot in the World Series. Fans like this guy then took to the streets (literally). This dumbass apparently forgot that taxis are able to move & won’t necessarily take him with them. Someone needs to read…

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Fat Referee Takes Soccer Ball To The Groin: Video

Someone getting hit in the groin = funny. A referee who resembles √úter getting hit in the groin = hilarious.

Not only did the kid stagger around for a full 17 seconds, the laughter of the entire crowd (not to mention the kids on the field) can clearly be heard as he crumbled…

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