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From Sweden, here’s the worst goal celebration ever: Video

Henrik Andersen is only 18, so he’s not only fairly new to professional hockey, he’s also new to goal celebrations. Anderson scored his first goal of the season for Sweden’s Leksand and immediately tried an Ovechkin-style celebration by crashing into the glass.

Not only did he crash into it, he crashed right through…

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Gerard Pique Breaks Things On A Talk Show: Video

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique recently appeared on a talk show and took aim at some plates and vases that had been set up on a bookshelf. It’s just like the shooting accuracy competition at the NHL All-Star Game, except with fewer Canadians.

The problem was, Pique apparently can’t kick accurately to save his life…

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Albert Pujols Home Run Breaks Big Mac Sign: Video

Albert Pujols is a beast, and he showed off his power by putting the hurt on a “Big Mac Land” sign at Busch Stadium last night. That guy could hit a rutabaga into the upper-deck…

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