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Fight Between Diego Souza Of Palmieras & Domingos Of Santos: Video

Another weekend, another crazy incident in Brazil.

During a match between Palmieras & Santos, defender Domingos of Santos entered the match as a substitute. He ran over to Palmeiras forward Diego Souza and began closely defending him. Souza and Domingos battled a bit, with Diego Souza being red-carded. For his part, Domingos flopped…

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Ronaldo Scores Crucial Goal For Corinthians, Helps Collapse Fence : Video

Much has been made about Brazillian soccer player Ronaldo’s battles with his weight. The guy can still play though, even if he has put on a few pounds.

Case in point: Newcomer Ronaldo scored a late goal to earn his Corinthians team a 1-1 draw with Palmeiras. That will give his…

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Video: Drunk Soccer Fan Falls 20 Feet Off Wall

It can be easy to get tired at a sporting event. A warm day, plus some beer, plus a break in the action, hey, it’s understandable to nod off.

However, it is not recommended to do what this Palmeiras fan did in Brazil: Fall asleep while sitting on top of a 20 foot…

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