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Photos Of Los Angeles Lakers Fans Rioting & Celebrating In The Streets After NBA Championship Win

lakers-fans-with-riot-policeKobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic tonight to win the 2009 NBA Championship and you know what that means: Riots in the streets of Los Angeles!

Fans flooded the streets of L.A. after the game. Outside the Staples Center, people were seen destroying ad stands, attacking police cars and buses, and rolling over other…

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Orlando Magic Fan Falls Out Of Her Seat: Video

There’s no better site for people-watching than courtside at the NBA Finals. Between celebrities and other rich people or wannabe rich people vying for camera time, there’s plenty of entertainment. Aside from a few diehards, these people are all just there to be seen.

Case-in-point: These two (probably) drunk women who sat courtside…

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Charles Barkley Calls His Producer A Pussy: Video

Another day, another incident of Charles Barkley saying something inappropriate while on the air.

Following the Orlando Magic’s surprising 4-2 series win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charles Barkley managed to insult not one but two members of the TNT family in quick succession.

First, he calls Kenny Smith “numbnuts.”

He then…

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Dwight Howard Halfcourt Hook Shot: Video

The friendly competition between Dwight Howard and LeBron James has reached beyond when the games have been going on. The two have been attempting to outdo each other with crazy shots before games as well.

Dwight Howard just might have this contest won though after making this hook shot from half court as…

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LeBron James Shot At The Buzzer To Beat The Orlando Magic In Game 2 Of The 2009 Eastern Conference Finals: Video

Michael Jordan had his legendary shot against Cleveland that made him an icon. Now LeBron James has a buzzer-beater of his own that will go down in NBA lore.

After Hedo Turkoglu had made a jumper to put the Orlando Magic ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers with just 1 second to play, Lebron…

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