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Raiders fans put up billboard asking Al Davis to hire a GM


Disgruntled Oakland Raiders fans have had enough. One group has purchased a billboard near their stadium, asking the corpse of owner Al Davis to hire someone else to be GM.

The leader of the fan group, Jared Staszewski of Erie, Pennsylvania, said in a press release, “We thought a billboard, posted near the stadium might generate some…

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Were The Oakland Police Neutral When The 49ers Visited The Raiders?


You’d have to be insane to care about NFL preseason football. And you’d also have to be insane to want to attend an Oakland Raiders game as a visiting fan. Sure, their team is atrocious, but that doesn’t stop Raiders fans from violently defending their team. In fact, it probably makes them even more angry.

However, you…

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Daily Rubbish: Mickey Mantle Was a Character

Now is your chance to get a Mickey Mantle signed baseball that also says “Fuck Yogi.” Man, he really hated Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Please, nobody tell the Oakland Raiders that there’s a recession right now. It’s much more entertaining this way.

The Phoenix Suns have challenged Barack Obama to a basketball game at the White House. And they thought they got screwed by the…

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