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Devin Hester shows his ass on Sunday Night Football after getting pantsed: Video (NSFW?)

Defenders will do anything to try to stop Devin Hester, but the Eagles may have finally found a tactic that worked against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football: Pulling down his pants.

Hester bent to try to grab a ball that had been thrown low (great job, Jay Cutler!), but got pantsed…

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Idaho junior hockey team in trouble for playing strip hockey

idaho-junior-steelheadsLast week, the Tampa Bay Lightning had some fun at practice and played strip hockey. Players were forced to remove an item of equipment if they did not score in a shootout.

While the Lightning haven’t inspired many through their gameplay so far this season, their stripping antics did influence the Idaho Junior Steelheads, who held a…

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Penis Painted On Soccer Pitch


English soccer club Worle FC was the victim of a prank this week. Someone painted a penis on their field.

Worle FC assistant manager Mark Chesney said, “We reckon it was a jealous player from a rival club and we won’t rest until we find out who. To be shafted like this is a bitter pill to…

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Flavia Zoccari’s Swimsuit Tears, Exposing Her Butt To Fans At Mediterranean Games


Those fancy new swimsuits that are helping swimmers smash world records also have an unfortunate side effect: Since they are thin and form-fitting, they can also tear easily.

Italian Olympic swimmer Flavia Zoccari found that out the hard way at the Mediterranean Games. The ass of Zoccari’s £318 Jaked J01 swimsuit tore, exposing her rear end and…

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Aussie Rules Football Player Tim Orchard Flashes His Penis Live On Air


Most athletes are content to just sit background in the locker room while a teammate is being interviewed on television. Some might make a strange face or gesture. In Australia, they take out their penises.

Tim Orchard of AFL Tasmania’s Clarence has been suspended for the rest of the season after flashing his penis on television. This…

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