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Norwegian Goal Celebrations: Now With 100% More Eye Poking!

Christian Gauseth, soccer player for Norwegian side Bryne, was a bit over-exuberant while celebrating a goal by a teammate against Stavanger and ended up poking another guy in the eye.

Gauseth lept toward a gathering of players, only to meet Karl Morten Håland’s eye with his finger.

His quote after the match…

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Soccer Goal Celebration Ends In Player Humping Praying Man: Video

Some players choose to celebrate goals in wild ways. Other players prefer a more solemn approach. Never should these two celebrations cross paths.

Following a goal by Sandefjord against Strømsgodset in Norway, goal scorer Admir Rascic and his teammate Fenan Salcinovicran ran to the side of the pitch and…

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Norwegian Soccer Player Per Ciljan Skjelbred Throws Up On The Pitch: Video

Nearly every time is a bad time to throw up. But getting the urge to vomit right as your teammate is passing you the ball? That’s just not fun.

Per Ciljan Skjelbred of Norway’s Rosenborg BK was playing in a match when he suddenly puked. Play stopped, since Skjelbred had just vomited on…

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Mascot Punches Player During Norweigian Soccer Match: Video

You know you’re having a bad day at the office when you get punched by someone in a bee costume.

Garðar Jóhannson of Fredrikstad was walking back to his side after his team had surrendered a goal to Odd Grenland. What he didn’t count on was Odd Grenland’s mascot, a costumed bee, also…

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Norwegian Ski Resort Ad Features Real-Time Snowstorm: Video


In an economy where entertainment venues and sports facilities are fighting for a smaller pool of money, a good advertising idea is crucial.

The Tryvann Winter Park ski resort just outside Oslo, Norway has come up with a brilliant idea to promote their skiing.

Tryvann is located just 15 minutes outside Oslo, but being in the…

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