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Soccer Fan Changes His Name To Name Of Favorite Team

motherwell-football-clubScots, if you’re looking for Frazer Boyle, you might want to look him up under his new name: Motherwell Football Club.

The 20-year-old fan paid £33 to legally change his name by deed poll. When asked why he would do such a thing, the new Mr. Football Club (or is it just Mr. Club?) said:

“I have been…

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Unhappy With Being Thought of as Gay Superheroes, Arkansas Tech to Change Mascot from Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys was an excellent book and movie, but as a college sports nickname, it doesn’t really strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.

Arkansas Tech is planning on changing its nickname from “Wonder Boys” due to widespread dissatisfaction among students and staff.

A press release expressed concerns over changing meanings of the nickname, saying “these connotations include slurs about an individual’s manhood or race…

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