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Shades of Tyson vs. Secretariat as Newcastle United fan tries to fight police horse (video)

They were so drunk.

Following today’s match between Newcastle United and Sunderland, 29 people were arrested and four police officers were hurt as fans attempted to fight in Newcastle city center. Bottles were thrown at police, and garbage cans were set on fire. It was a typical English football riot, except for one detail.

One gentleman…

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Paul Gascoigne Headbutts A Bouncer At A Snooker Club: Video

Paul Gascoigne’s post-playing career has been fraught with negative incidents. The latest encounter occurred this month after Gazza was caught smoking at a snooker club called the Spot White in Newcastle. The bouncer, Paul Hindle, who had already stopped Gascoigne from smoking once, had had enough and ejected the former soccer star.


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Daily Rubbish: Phil Gordon, Please Shut Up

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is a dumbass for blowing his nose in a Terrible Towel. Thanks for giving the Steelers bulletin board material, dickwad. This is why the Cardinals are in Tempe and Glendale, not Phoenix.

A Super Bowl stadium made out of snack foods? Count me in. Here are more party ideas if you are so inclined.

If it’s soccer season, that must mean…

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