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New Zealand Olympic Committee Threatens To Sue Brothel-Owning Taekwondo Star

logan-campbell-brothelA couple of months ago, we brought you the story of Logan Campbell, the New Zealand taekwondo star who opened up a brothel to raise funds for his 2012 Olympic bid.

Now that the story had completely died down and Campbell was out of the spotlight, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has finally weighed in on…

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Sports Anchor Leaves Microphone On While Going To The Bathroom: Video

This sports guy from a New Zealand morning news program gave viewers some unintended audio on a recent show. He accidentally left his mic on as he went for a piss, treating everyone to the sound of urination as the other hosts tried unsuccessfully to read over the noise. They’re just lucky he wasn’t…

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Loose Chicken On The Field Before Rugby Match Between France and New Zealand: Video

It’s a slow time of year in sports, so let’s just declare today Chickens Running Around On The Field Day and be done with it.

Following the previous post of a loose chicken during a soccer match, here’s a video of a rooster at a rugby match between France and New…

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New Zealand Taekwondo Star Opens Brothel To Fund 2012 Olympics Effort

Beijing Olympics Taekwondo Mens 68Kg

A lot of athletes try to get money for their Olympic training by saying “Just Do It.”

But instead of getting sponsored by Nike, New Zealand’s Logan Campbell is raising money for his bid to make the taekwondo competition in the 2012 Olympics by opening up a brothel in…

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Rugby Fans Dress Up Statue In Wellington, New Zealand, Leave It Pantsless

In America, if a football game involves a naked penis, there’s an uproar and people get a $10 refund. In New Zealand, that’s just part of the preparation for the NZI Rugby Sevens Tournament, which will be held in Wellington this weekend.

Positively Wellington Tourism’s New Zealand events co-ordinator, Nicole…

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