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The entertaining team of John & Patrick McEnroe had a great target tonight during the U.S. Open match between Andy Murray and Ernests Gulbis.

An over-exuberant ball boy chased down an errant ball and tried to vault over the sideline advertising, only to slip on it and tumble face first into the ground… Buying prednisone in canada

Jon Stewart, Lenny Dykstra, and Jim Cramer: Video

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon – Thurs 11p / 10c…

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Daily Rubbish: July 13, 2009

Video of the Day: The worst cover of “Such Great Heights” that you will ever hear [via Videogum]

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Nats End First Half With Intentional Balk [DC Sports Bog]

Home Run Apple headed to DL? [Subway Squawkers]

Faux Pas: Sky Sports News make…

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Male Fan Dons Bra To Support Manny Ramirez At Citi Field: Video

This baseball fan in New York came up with a creative way to uh… support? Manny Ramirez as he visited the Mets and Citi Field.

The man shouted “Manny, you’re the man!” at Ramirez while wearing a bra, much to the embarrassment of his family. His wife looks especially shamed as she can’t…

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Daily Rubbish: July 2, 2009

Video of the Day: From 14 Painfully Funny Fireworks FAIL Videos [COED Magazine]

Don’t be like these people this weekend – stay safe on Independence Day.

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Idiot Sportswriter Thinks Barkley Actually Blogs For SCIC [Sir Charles In Charge]

Sign No. 147 That the Mets…

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