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The Daily Show: Clash of the Cretins

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With New York and Philadelphia…

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Plaxico Burress Mugshot

Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress is now off serving a 2-year prison sentence after he shot himself in the leg with a handgun. The Smoking Gun brings Plaxico’s mugshot.


He doesn’t look happy for some reason. I can’t imagine why.

Plaxico Burress Mug Shot [The Smoking Gun via

Tommie Hill Returns Last-Second Fumble To Give Giants Meaningless Preseason Win Over Panthers: Video

Tonight’s Monday Night Preseason Football game between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers had an exciting ending. Or at least, an exciting ending for a preseason game.

Panthers QB Hunter Cantwell had just led his team back with a tying touchdown to send the game to overtime, or so everyone thought. Carolina…

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New York Giants Lineman David Diehl Makes Comedy Debut, Makes Fun Of Brett Favre: Video

New York Giants David Diehl performs at Comix Comedy Club

Finally, a Brett Favre story we can all get behind.

On Wednesday night, New York Giants offensive lineman…

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SNL Opening: Barack Obama Makes Some Tough Choices About Sports: Video

On the opening of last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen made some tough choices as Barack Obama.

As part of an SNL Presidental Address, Fred Armisen / Barack Obama outlined a plan to save some companies, while other companies would be forced to cease operations.


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