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Scottish Boxer Kills His Dad Because He Thought The Man Was Dracula

This is Dracula:

This is a Dad:

Notice how they are nothing alike.

Former Scottish amateur boxing champion Anil Kumar got the two confused, and killed his stepfather because he thought the guy was Dracula.…

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Chinese Soccer Player Sentenced To Death For Murder

The gap between America and China is closing, not just economically, but also in the area of athletes committing crimes.

Last year, Chinese soccer player Wen Junwu and 2 other men stabbed the man they owed thousands of dollars to for gambling debts.

Today, he was sentenced to death for his crime, but he can…

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University of New Hampshire QB Charged With Murdering Surfer

University of New Hampshire backup quarterback Henri “Hank” Hendricks is one of 5 men who are being charged with the California murder of Emery Kauanui Jr., a professional surfer.

According to the police, the five are all part of a gang called the Bird Rock Bandits, known for their “hard partying” ways. During the investigation, a “notebook full of ‘Bird Rock Bandit’ symbols depicting wounded warriors tattooed with ‘BRB’…

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