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Cranky Neighbor Keeps Football, Bites Parent’s Lips

bite-meAnother hour, another case of grown-ups setting a positive example for the kids.

While some teenagers were tossing around a football in the street in in Clinton Township, Michigan, near Detroit, the ball landed on Daniel Allen’s lawn. Instead of being happy that children were outside engaging in physical activity and not sitting on their fat asses, the 44-year-old…

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High School Football Team Has Game-Winning Field Goal Blocked, Scores Touchdown To Win Anyway: Video

The play is not over until the whistle sounds.

The game is not over until you tackle the guy with the ball on the last play.

Remember that – because in Michigan the Plymouth High School football team did not.

Plymouth visited Westland John Glenn for their homecoming game and appeared…

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Michigan Sportswriter Charged With Growing Marijuana

It’s not just athletes like Michael Phelps who are getting into trouble with weed these days, one Grand Rapids, Michigan sportswriter is getting into the act as well.

Sports columnist David Mayo was charged with “manufacture of more than 20 but less than 200 plants, a seven-year felony, and also maintaining a drug house, a…

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When Your Eye Hits My Moon Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s Amore

Who says romance is dead? Not Michigan lacrosse player Kristoff Wennersten and his Huron High School teammates, who took time during a school soccer match to ask a girl to the prom – by spelling out “Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No” on their asses.


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