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ESPN Moves The New York Mets And Cincinnati Reds To Texas: Video

Everyone knows that the New York Mets have moved to a new ballpark this season. The Reds moved to a new ballpark a few years ago. However, neither of the two teams moved to Texas.

ESPN failed geography, and welcomes the New York Mets to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

Perhaps someone…

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Herb Deshaies Just Wants To Kiss You: Video

Herb Deshaies, father of Astros’ announcer Jim Deshaies, was interviewed yesterday during a Spring Training game between the Houston Astros and New York Mets.

These interviews are great time-fillers during Spring Training. However, the woman interviewing him surely didn’t expect him to pull a Joe Namath. Unlike Joe Namath though, Herb Deshaies managed…

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Sportscenter on Scrubs: Video

While Scrubs was pretty bad the last couple of seasons on NBC, the show has been much better now that it is on ABC. Of course, that means we now have to put up with a bit of that good old fashioned Disney synergy.

Tonight’s episode of Scrubs featured several mentions of Sportscenter, including…

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Congratulations! Your favorite soccer team, Athletic Bilbao, just won the Copa Del Rey semifinal in Spain against Sevilla, but there’s no Disneyland in your country, what are you going to do?

I’m going to fake hump this reporter!

This is an Athletic Bilbao fan enjoying himself, as well as this unfortunate woman who… Cialis fast delivery usa