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Alleged new Miami Marlins logo looks rather suggestive (photo)


Does anyone else see a woman, spread-eagled, giving the finger?

That’s certainly one way to sell baseball in Miami.

Via The Score & The Big Lead

New England Patriots mascot arrested in prostitution sting


If you thought that being a mascot was enough to get you tons of women, think again. Even mascots have to pay for sex. Just ask the New England Patriots’ “Pat the Patriot.”

Rhode Island State Police arrested 14 people involved with prostitution, including 47-year-old Robert Sormanti, who is was one of the people who played Pat…

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Manly Sea Eagles Mascot Fights Fan Who Ran On The Field

The reason for my lack of posts the last couple of weeks is that I was on vacation in Australia. While I was there, I went to an NRL match, which I will be posting about next week. Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen the wrong match to attend, as the meeting between the…

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Colombian Mascot Suspended For Humping: Video

Mascots are typically created to entertain children. That’s why it’s extra entertaining when they do stupid things like get a DUI or in the case of Willie, the mascot for Colombian soccer team Junior Tiburon, maniacally hump the opposing team’s jersey during a match against Cucuta Deportivo.

For some reason, the Junior Tiburon…

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Jason LaRue Nearly Gets Trampled During Sausage Race: Video

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue is going to have nightmares about giant wieners for the next few weeks.

During yesterday’s game at Miller Park against the Milwaukee Brewers, LaRue exited the dugout just in time to find himself right in the middle of the Brewers’ famed Sausage Race…

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