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Albert Pujols Home Run Breaks Big Mac Sign: Video

Albert Pujols is a beast, and he showed off his power by putting the hurt on a “Big Mac Land” sign at Busch Stadium last night. That guy could hit a rutabaga into the upper-deck…

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Manny Ramirez Suspended 50 Games After Positive Drug Test


The L.A. Times is reporting that Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (drug to be confirmed, reports now say it might not have been a PED) and will be suspended for 50 games.

According to reports, Ramirez will claim that the positive drug test was due “to medication received from…

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Topps To Issue Trading Cards Featuring Bernie Madoff

bernie-madoff-topps-allen-ginterNaturally, when thinking of the world’s biggest bamboozle, the name Bernie Madoff comes to mind. That’s why this year’s Topps Allen & Ginter edition will feature the infamous con man on his very own trading card.

For those not familiar, the annual Topps Allen & Ginter release features cards in the throwback design of the first trading cards created…

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Baseball Hall of Fame Case: Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire is the most controversial name on this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Guilty or not, he will be forever remembered as one of the posterboys for the steroid era. To start, we will be looking at his career assuming he was clean, then we will discuss

Today should be a national holiday

Back in the late 90s & early 2000s, Greg Shea had an AOL sports column that he then spun into a site called The site is long gone, taken over by a goofy looking mortgage broker.

However, before his site’s demise, Greg wrote one of the best baseball pieces I have ever read for Opening Day 2000. After searching for a while through web archives & old newsgroups…

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