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Daily Rubbish: Eagles Fans Aren’t The Only Cranky Ones

If you want to keep your job, you might not want to call your employer retarded.

Remember the coked-out skier from last week? He claims his urine sample was tainted because he was “sabotaged” on a drunken night out right before the event.

Here are the worst beards in sports. Not included: Amanda Beard.

More TNT birthday goodness: This time it’s Kenny

David Beckham Gets a Posh Naked Lady Tattoo

Tattoos of a pretty naked lady are always classy. David Beckham doesn’t just have any old naked lady inked on his body though.

No, the Los Angeles Galaxy and England midfielder recently got a 6-inch arm tattoo of his wife, Posh Spice, reclining naked.

While some might say, “Awww, David Beckham…

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Video: MLS Exhibitionist Matches Are Coming to a Venue Near You

We promise we will never pass up the opportunity to share a streaker video with you.

At last night’s exhibition match between the L.A. Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps, this guy decided to welcome Major League Soccer to British Columbia by showing off his pasty, naked body. He was so enthusiastic that he had…

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Video: MLS – LA Galaxy vs. NY Red Bulls – Beckham Shines, but Other Guys You Haven’t Heard of Shine More

And this, my friends, is exactly what the Los Angeles Galaxy and MLS had in mind when they brought David Beckham to America. After a few weeks of “will-he-or-won’t-he” debates about David Beckham’s playing status, he appears to be working his way back to full fitness. Beckham started yesterday and played the full 90 minutes…

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Off the Woodwork: The Opening Kickoff

Greetings! You are part of history. Why is that, you ask? You are getting to read the very first edition of Off the Woodwork, our new roundup of all things soccer.

Off the Woodwork won’t have any strict format or schedule (at least for now), but from time to time, I’ll be featuring videos…

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