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MLB Fan Previews – Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks will begin 2007 knowing that their plan to rebuild the team is continuing as scheduled. Following the team’s World Series victory in 2001, the team has been gradually transitioning from one that relied on free agent signings to one that has one of the best farm systems in the major leagues. The AAA Tucson Sidewinders dominated the Pacific Coast League last season, despite many players being called…

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There must be something wrong with the water in Phoenix. Excuse me, I’ll be right back

Last week, I posted a news article about how Livan Hernandez pitches even when he has diarrhea. Everyone had a good laugh, we moved on.

Following yesterday’s 99-94 win against the Lakers, Nash gave a post-game interview. It started out as a typical on-court interview, then quickly went in another direction.

When asked about his performance, he casually dropped the fact that…

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