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Female ski jumpers hope to be last-minute addition to 2010 Olympics


With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just a few months away, one would assume the lineup of events would be set in stone. But if a group of women ski jumpers gets their way, there could be a last-minute addition to the Games.

Led by Women’s Ski Jumping USA, a group of jumpers is suing Vanoc…

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New Zealand Olympic Committee Threatens To Sue Brothel-Owning Taekwondo Star

logan-campbell-brothelA couple of months ago, we brought you the story of Logan Campbell, the New Zealand taekwondo star who opened up a brothel to raise funds for his 2012 Olympic bid.

Now that the story had completely died down and Campbell was out of the spotlight, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has finally weighed in on…

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Were The Oakland Police Neutral When The 49ers Visited The Raiders?


You’d have to be insane to care about NFL preseason football. And you’d also have to be insane to want to attend an Oakland Raiders game as a visiting fan. Sure, their team is atrocious, but that doesn’t stop Raiders fans from violently defending their team. In fact, it probably makes them even more angry.

However, you…

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Was This Softball Coach Fired Because She’s A Lesbian Or Because She Made Her Team Walk Through Sheep Feces?

sheepFormer Brewster, Maine softball coach Kelly Jo Cookson filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming she was fired because she is a lesbian. The school district claims she was canned because she had forced her players to walk barefoot through sheep feces as part of a hazing ritual.

While it should be pretty obvious that making kids walk…

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Police Officer Sues Man Who Bit Him During Fight Outside Wrigley Field

bite-meLast year, Chicago police officer Michael A. Ponti was working near Wrigley Field when he saw a fight break out.

Ponti then broke up the brawl, but one of the participants, Thomas DiMaggio, bit him on the leg. Who says Cubs fans are uncivilized?

Now, Michael Ponti is suing DiMaggio for damages due to his bite.


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