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Bolivian Soccer Player Attacks Opponent With Flying Kick To The Face: Video

Normal soccer fight, blah blah blah, pushing, elbows, yelling, arguing, what’s this now, a flying kick to the face? Excellent.

You may remember Blooming from such videos as “Copa Sudamericana Match Abandoned After Fan Attacks Player.” Not only are Blooming fans insanely violent, their players are just as bad.

Oriente Petrolero’s…

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Goalie Stops Attack With Kung Fu Kick To The Chest: Video

This is an old video, but it’s probably new to you. In the EAFF Championship last year, Chinese goalkeeper Zong Lei stopped an attack by Japan’s Michihiro Yasuda by attacking him himself.

What’s worse here? The flying kick, or the fact that the referee only deemed it worthy of a yellow card?…

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Kevin-Prince Boateng Karate Kicks Makoto Hasebe In The Face: Video

If you deliver a flying karate kick to a guy’s face, and you are not in a karate tournament, chances are quite good that you’re going to get ejected from whatever sport you’re playing.

Kevin-Prince Boateng of Borussia Dortmund got an immediate red card after this flying kick to Wolfsburg’s Makoto Hasebe. Hasebe…

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