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Daily Rubbish: More A-Rod Questions

Enough with the boring questions, let’s ask A-Rod what we really want to hear some answers to.

Jason Richardson got caught doing 90 in a 35 zone with his kid in the backseat without a child seat. Well, if you’re not going to have your child in a safety seat, you want to get him home as quickly as possible.

Ballroom dancing: Putting the

Steve Nash Is Now On Twitter

Looking to get the innermost thoughts of your favorite basketball playing Canadian?

The Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash is now available on Twitter.

This makes him the 3rd Suns player to be tweeting, following Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA’s most prolific & deep man when it comes to Twitter, and…

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Daily Rubbish: The NBA… Where DUIs Happen

Another day, another NBA DUI, this time by Antoine Walker. Not content to let Walker get all the press, Jason Richardson got one of his own. No word on if either were seeking oral sex.

19 players were sent off in one Spanish soccer match. Sadly, no video of a referee holding the card up 19 times.

Kurt Warner should stick to being an NFL…

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