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Japanese Soccer Team Takes On 100 Kids [Video]

Sure, one hundred kids taking on a team of Japanese professional soccer players seems a bit crazy, but is it any worse than Bob Bradley’s strategy of zero defenders taking on a team of Spanish professional soccer players?

Japanese Soccer Team Versus 100 Kids [reddit]…

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Putting green bra combines two things men enjoy


The latest in golf technology combines a valuable tool for golf practice, the portable putting green, and an added bonus: a support undergarment for women.

The golf bra can be easily removed any time the wearer wants to practice some topless golf. A 1.5-meter-long felt putting green unfurls, and the cups act as, well, cups…

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Insane Goal From Japan By Kazumasa Uesato: Video

This goal by Kazumasa Uesato of Japanese team Consadole Sapporo is one he will be telling his grandkids about. On the other side, his goalkeeper counterpart from Avispa Fukuoka will be hoping this video gets taken down from YouTube very quickly.

With his side comfortably up 2-0, Uesato spotted the opposing goalie too…

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Japanese Soccer Team Scores Goal Due To Referee Falling Over

Japanese soccer team Mito Hollyhock scored an easy goal against Sagan Tosu with some help from the referee.

With the ball in play in the Sagan end, the ref tripped and fell over. Sagan’s players stopped running and turned their attention to the fallen official, but Mito’s Kim Tae-yeon was unconcerned and put…

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Soccer Player Starts Match With Shorts On Inside-Out: Video

We’ve all put an item of clothing on inside-out at some point. We feel dumb, we fix the clothes, we move on. But what do you do if you notice your shorts are on inside-out while you’re standing right in the center of a soccer field waiting to kick off a matches as thousands…

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