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Video: LeBron James Scores 50, Fan in LeBron Jersey Goes on the Court to Congratulate Him

LeBron James put on one of the best performances you will see this season as his Cleveland Cavaliers beat the New York Knicks 119-105. His 50 point, 10 assist, 8 rebound show backing up a boast to Spike Lee was so great that this fan (appropriately dressed in a LeBron James jersey) couldn’t help but congratulate him in person by…

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Gus Johnson brokers peace talks between Bill Simmons & Isiah Thomas

History is filled with feuds and peace negotiations – Israel & Palestine, Catholics & Protestants in Northern Ireland, Gary Sheffield and pretty much everyone… but no feud has been bigger than the one between Bill Simmons & Isaiah Thomas. Unfortunately for those of us who love random drama between 2 people, peace has broken out between the two, according to Simmons’ column today.
Improbably, I ran into one of my…

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