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France cheat their way to the World Cup thanks to Thierry Henry handball to William Gallas: Video

France just beat Ireland in extra time thanks to a blatant Thierry Henry handball pass to William Gallas in the 104th minute. Henry touched the ball not once, but twice with his hand, directing the ball right…

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Cheeky Dave Rogers Moons Fans During Match Between Dundalk FC And St Patrick’s Athletic: Video

If you’re going to express yourself to your opponent’s fans, it’s best to keep your pants on while doing so. During a soccer match in Ireland between Dundalk FC and St. Patrick’s Athletic last Friday, Dundalk’s Dave Rogers dropped his shorts and mooned the fans (shown around 55 seconds into the above video -…

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Irish Army Banned From Playing Soccer & Volleyball In Chad Because The Ground Is Too Hard


The Irish Army is not exactly a feared military force, and it’s no wonder why: Their troops are being coddled.

Irish troops currently serving in Chad have been banned from playing soccer and volleyball. The reason? High-ranking officers have decided that the ground is too hard.

The soccer/volleyball ban was announced by Defence Minister Willie O’Dea…

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Daily Rubbish: March 12, 2009

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Mel Kiper, You Are My

Video: A Collection of Rugby Hits As the Rugby World Cup Gets Underway

As we wait for the NFL season to truly start in about an hour, another hard(er?) hitting sport is also just beginning a big event.

This weekend, the Rugby World Cup got underway in France. Yes, the United States is involved, and yes, we are expected to fare poorly. However, in the US team’s…

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