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Iraq Beats Saudi Arabia to Win Asian Cup

On Sunday, Iraq defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 to win the Asian Cup. Unlike the semifinal victory, which was marred by 2 car bombings, thousands of Iraqis were able to celebrate in the streets in relative safety due to curfews on cars in cities.

The team’s Brazilian coach, Jorvan Viera, is credited with their success. Although he will leave the team, he brought the…

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Triumph & Tragedy As Iraq Stuns South Korea to Move On to Asian Cup Finals

Over the weekend, I wrote about the celebrations that took place after Iraq’s win in the Asian Cup put them into the tournament semifinals.

Yesterday, the multi-sect Iraqi team played their Asian Cup semifinal match vs. South Korea. After 90 minutes of regulation and 30 minutes of extra time, the two sides were…

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Iraqis make progress as a free nation as soccer celebrations kill at least 2, injure 50

While the effort by the United States and Britain to install democracy in Iraq has been, to put it delicately, full of difficulties, both nations can be proud of one aspect of freedom that has been successfully passed along: the freedom to have a good old violent celebration of a sporting event…

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