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Daily Rubbish: March 11, 2009

Video Of The Day – MLB2K9 Has Some Entertaining Problems

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Jerome Bettis Has His Own Cuervo Tequila [PSAMP]

You Are Advised Not to Watch the Big Ten Tournament [Rumors & Rants]

Nothing Takes Away

Daily Rubbish: Hell Has Frozen Over

It would figure that the season after I moved away from Arizona, the Cardinals would finally go on a playoff run. The Buzzsaw are now just one win away from the Super Bowl. I know those words separately, but together? Not so much.

Joining the Cardinals in the NFC Championship are the Philadelphia Eagles, who finally stopped phoning it in and started… phoning it in.


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Video: RCA Dome Implosion In Indianapolis

Yesterday morning, the Indianapolis Colts former home, the RCA Dome AKA the Hoosier Dome was imploded.


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Fan uses Tecmo Super Bowl to predict this year’s Super Bowl result

Someone with a bit too much free time played this year’s Super Bowl on the classic game Tecmo Super Bowl using updated rosters and info. That’s not a condemnation, since what would the internet be without people with too much time on their hands? Anyway, the game had what might be a shocking outcome to some:

Peyton Manning inches closer to television monopoly by hosting SNL

Peyton Manning hosted Saturday Night Live tonight, and I have to say, he was actually pretty funny.

He made fun of the fact that he’s been in so many commercials in his opening monologue. The monologue also featured Peyton introducing the rest of his family who was in the audience. After introducing his father…

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