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Helicopter Lands On Field During Cricket Match In India

During a cricket match in India, play was stopped because of a helicopter landing on the pitch.

Most people would guess that the helicopter had mechanical problems, or was attending to an emergency. Those people would be incorrect.

The pilot of the helicopter was flying over the cricket grounds when he saw a…

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Indian Cricket Fans Build Temple Devoted To Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

When Kurt Warner drew that picture of God, perhaps he should have drawn Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Very few American sports stars would reach the point where they would be considered gods these days. Sure, there are guys who reach that level within their home city, but…

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Times Online Headline Uses Racial Slur To Describe Indian Baseball Players

A few weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Pirates signed a couple of guys from India to minor league contracts, making them the first Indians to sign with a team from any major American sport.

The Times Online just heard about this story, and wrote a headline that’s quite inappropriate.