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SNL Weekend Update: Will Ferrell As Harry Caray: Video

Will Ferrell hosted last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live, and for once, the show made us realize why we still watch. Ferrell & Co. brought back famous old SNL sketches & people, including George W. Bush, Celebrity Jeopardy, and, of course, Will Ferrell’s fantastic take on legendary Chicago Cubs Broadcaster Harry Caray.

Ferrell appeared…

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Fake Umpires At Rogers Centre During Game Between Yankees And Blue Jays: Video

Eagle-eyed viewers of last night’s game at the Rogers Centre between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays noticed some interestingly dressed fans sitting behind home plate while Johnny Damon was at-bat.

A pair of guys had dressed up as fake umpires and were signaling calls at the same time as the…

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Bill Henry is Not Dead! He’s Right Out Back In the Hammock!

Earlier this week, media outlets around the country reported on the death of former major leaguer Bill Henry. They talked about his 16 year major league career and his accomplishments, including his appearance in the…

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Fake David Beckham makes crank calls to L.A. County offices

L.A. County officials knew something wasn’t quite right when they started getting phone calls from someone claiming to be David Beckham.

The caller spoke about potential charity work and also name-dropped celebrity friends. “David Beckham” mentioned the possibliity of underprivileged kids attending LA Galaxy practices. The workers were excited at first, but as they were avid fans of Beckham, they wanted to ensure that it was him so they…

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Pittsburgh man sent to jail for 3 months for impersonating Steelers tight end Jerame Tuman

Some might argue that some of the Pittsburgh Steelers were doing poor impersonations of NFL players last season, but a Pittsburgh man was doing an impersonation of one of them at the same time.

Brian Jackson has been sentenced to 90 days in prison, plus 5 years probation for one count…

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