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Shades of Tyson vs. Secretariat as Newcastle United fan tries to fight police horse (video)

They were so drunk.

Following today’s match between Newcastle United and Sunderland, 29 people were arrested and four police officers were hurt as fans attempted to fight in Newcastle city center. Bottles were thrown at police, and garbage cans were set on fire. It was a typical English football riot, except for one detail.

One gentleman…

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Rally Car Hits Horses: Video

Here’s why horse racing and auto racing events are not held at the same time.

A rally event in Argentina saw driver Federico Villagra plow right into a few horses that picked a terrible time to run across the track. One horse was flung into the air and had to be put down…

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Jockey Falls Off Horse, Horse Finishes First: Video

Those of you who believe that jockeys don’t really do anything during a horse race have more ammunition for your argument.

During the 5th race at Belmont Park on Saturday, Phone Jazz threw her rider, Jean-Luc Samyn, at the start. Phone Jazz kept running, and managed to outrun the rest of the field…

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NASCAR Fans Manage To Get DUI On Horseback: Video

If you heard that two people from Tunnel Hill, Georgia had been nabbed for DUI on a horse, you’d pretty much assume they are NASCAR fans. And you would be correct.

These two geniuses got drunk while watching NASCAR and decided to take their horses for a ride. For some reason, the local…

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Thoroughbred Race Horses From Northern Ireland Are Being Eaten

horse-meatRetired athletes have it tough. Once they are out of the spotlight, most are forgotten. Those from previous eras didn’t make much money, or weren’t able to save enough to cover their medical bills.

However, all of those athletes should be very thankful that they aren’t race horses from Northern Ireland.

An investigation by BBC Northern Ireland’s Season…

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