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Daily Rubbish: March 12, 2009

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Charles Barkley On His Time In The Joint And Wanting To Beat Up Rush Limbaugh [Sports Radio Interviews]

Thought Curling Was Boring? Glenn Howard Makes An Amazing Shot For The Win [Total Pro Sports]

Mel Kiper, You Are My

West Ham United and Columbus Crew Fans Riot During Friendly

Videos from yesterday’s fight between West Ham United and Columbus Crew fans have finally made their way to Youtube. In the first video, a West Ham fan gets put into a chokehold by a security guard as other fans push and yell around them. Cool.

Below, fans fight in the stands…

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West Ham United and Columbus Crew Fans Riot During Friendly

It turns out that the Danica Patrick-Milka Duno fight was just the undercard on this weekend’s Ohio brawl calendar. West Ham United visited the Columbus Crew in what can be billed as a classic unfriendly friendly.

During halftime of the match, West Ham & Columbus fans fought in the stands after several West…

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Polish Soccer Fans Go After The Wrong Howard Webb After Euro 2008 Penalty Call

One Howard Webb is a soccer referee who awarded Austria a controversial beer-teasing penalty at Euro 2008 on Thursday. Another Howard Webb is a mild-mannered 62-year-old engineer in Rotherham, England. Guess which one is getting harassed the most by Polish soccer fans?

Yup, that would be the engineer, who works on…

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