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Golfer hits hole-in-one, wins weight in the best ham on Earth (photo)

You should have assumed the photo was going to be of the ham, who wants to look at a golfer?

Scotland’s Elliot Saltman may have missed the cut at this weekend’s Madrid Masters, but his parting gift is so much more magnificent.

On Friday, Saltman hit a hole-in-one on the 204-yard third hole, earning himself his weight in…

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Golfer Makes $1 Million Hole-In-One At The Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic: Video

What’s better than getting a hole-in-one? Hitting one and making $1 million in the process.

What’s better than getting $1 million for hitting a hole-in-one? Doing so and having Mark Eaton involved somehow.

Jason Hargett is a million dollars richer after getting this hole-in-one at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Golf Classic in…

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Alabama Golfers Get Back-To-Back Holes-In-One Out Of Order

golf-hatTwo golfers, Pierre Fournier and Ken Osborne, teed off at the 112-yard par 3 12th hole at Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Both golfers got a hole-in-one.

While back-to-back holes-in-one make for a remarkable feat on their own, the details of how it happened are even odder. Fournier teed off first, but earned his…

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