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Girls high school soccer brawl in Rhode Island: Video

This weekend’s Rhode Island girls soccer championship game between the Woonsocket Villa Novans and the Tolman Tigers would have made Elizabeth Lambert proud.

With Woonsocket up 5-0 in the final minute, tempers flared. Woonsocket’s Kristen Cahill and Tolman’s Maria Lopera realized they had just one more minute left to try to earn a…

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High School Soccer Players Suspended For Hazing Involving Raw Meat

soccer-team-meat-hazingThere’s a line somewhere between kids-being-kids and kids inappropriately hazing each other. According to school officials at Lewiston-Porter High School near Buffalo, New York, 10 soccer players and other students crossed that line by hazing new members of the girls soccer team with the contents of someone’s refrigerator.

Players put raw eggs and flour in their teammates’ hair, then…

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High School Soccer Team Scores On The Opening Kickoff: Video

This goalie sucks. Sure, it was a well-placed shot, but there’s no excuse for giving up a goal just 3 seconds into a match.

Then again, this kid is only playing for a high school team, so maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on him.

On second thought, the guy gave up…

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