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San Francisco Chronicle NFC Championship Headline Fail

This is what happens when you lay people off and replace them with a team of monkeys with typewriters.

The day after the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship, this was the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle’s sports section.

Saints 31, Packers 28.

That’s quite the impressive scoring line…

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Headline Of The Day

The winner of the sporadic Headline of the Day Award goes today to Fox Soccer.

They wisely chose to headline an article about the Europa League clash between Everton and BATE Borisov with this:


Toffees master BATE test in Belarus, indeed. No word on if they beat Drew Magary’s record.


Real Headline Of The Day: Shaq’s Balls Spark China Row

This actual headline of the day comes courtesy of Yahoo! Tech:


Ah, Shaq’s balls. A topic that will never cease to be amusing.

Shaq’s balls spark China row [Yahoo! Tech]

Unfortunate Headline Of The Day

This headline comes to us courtesy of Australian newspaper The Age.

The article is about an Australian Rules Football coach who was trying to boost the morale of a suspended player. It’s pretty straightforward to have a team nickname and a player name in a headline for a story, but in this case the combination ended up with an entirely different meaning for Americans who happened to…

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