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Idea for spicing up the All-Star Game: Mexican drug shootout

While Major League Baseball’s All-Stars were having their snoozefest in Anaheim, another baseball league was having much more interesting action to the south.

Down in Mexico on Sunday, a game between Reynosa Broncos and the Monterrey Sultans was stopped by gunfire from within the stands. As fans and players ran for cover, groups of gunmen had a firefight. Nobody was injured. It’s not known whether or not the shootout…

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London 2012 Olympics venues to be built using recycled guns and knives


Each year, England’s police forces manage to gather an impressive pile of metal in the form of guns, knives, and old keys. Most of the weapons are confiscated off of criminals, while other metal comes from spent ammunition at police firing ranges.

Scotland Yard’s 2009 pile contained 52 tons of metal, much of which is being used…

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Vicente Padilla shot by his bodyguard


While Vicente Padilla will be looking for a new team as a free agent this winter, his bodyguard might want to start looking for a new line of work entirely.

Reports are still unclear, but according to translations via Diamond Notes, Padilla was accidentally shot by his bodyguard while at a shooting range in Nicaragua.


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Romanian Soccer Referee Pulls Gun On Fans: Video

Here’s more proof that we all need to watch out for referees these days.

Yesterday we brought you the story of the Australian Rules Football referee who punched a fan.

Today’s story is about an assistant Romanian soccer referee who had enough of people questioning a goal call.

The incident…

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Houston Rockets Forward Carl Landry Shot

carl-landryCarl Landry of the Houston Rockets was shot in the leg last night, but fortunately he will be just fine.

Landry was driving with an acquaintance at 2:30am when another car hit his. According to the Houston Police:
Landry was driving his sport utility vehicle with a female passenger southbound in the 2900 block of Leeland when he saw…

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