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Mozambique Goalkeeper Faceplant Fail – Africa Cup of Nations 2010 (video)

Come for the soccer, stay for the preschool-level gymnastics!

The Africa Cup of Nations is underway, and based on this video of the Mozambique goalie flipping face first over the ball rather than securing it, it appears to be the only major soccer tournament to take place using a ball filled with lead…

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Goalie Shows Displeasure With Teammate By Pulling His Hair: Video

Franco Costanzo (played by Jerry Stiller) might have a bit of an anger problem. In full view of the television cameras at the end of a match against FC Zurich, the Argentinian goalkeeper for Basel was unhappy with teammate Beg Ferati and verbally admonished him.

Ferati then pushed Costanzo, who amazingly for an…

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Japan’s Nominee For The Worst Goalkeeper Ever Contest: Video

Is this the worst goalie ever? He’s certainly up there.

Yokohama F. Marinos keeper Hiroki Iikura made this massive blunder against Gamba Osaka during a Japanese J-League match. After a shot deflected off of one of his defenders, Iikura lept into action to pursue the ball, just like a good goalkeeper should. What…

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Goalie Stops Attack With Kung Fu Kick To The Chest: Video

This is an old video, but it’s probably new to you. In the EAFF Championship last year, Chinese goalkeeper Zong Lei stopped an attack by Japan’s Michihiro Yasuda by attacking him himself.

What’s worse here? The flying kick, or the fact that the referee only deemed it worthy of a yellow card?…

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Goalie Markus Pröll Rips His Shirt After Getting No Help From Teammates: Video

Sometimes your teammates frustrate you so much that you just want to rip your jersey.

Eintracht Frankfurt keeper Markus Pröll stood on his head to make saves against VfL Bochum, stopping shot after shot, sometimes in quick succession. Unfortunately for Markus, his teammates just stood around and watched him & did little to…

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