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Super Bowl Week Draws to a Close with Some Help From Ray Lewis & Hines Ward

Following last night’s Super Bowl victory by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots, Ray Lewis & Hines Ward hosted a charity gala at the Phoenix Art Museum. Dubbed “MVP Main Event: Football’s Finest,” the party honored Super Bowl MVPs, past and present.

Unfortunately, neither Super Bowl XLII MVP…

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Super Bowl Analysis: Which Team is More Likely to Have Someone Get Into Trouble, Giants or Patriots?

Over the next week, you will be reading many important analyses of this year’s Super Bowl matchup between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. This may or may not be one of them.

In this entire Super Bowl Week, the actual game only takes up about 4 hours. What…

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Former NFL Player Will Not Be Able to Host Childrens Charity Event at Strip Club

Some combinations, like peanut butter & jelly, Mike & Mike, rum & coke, and Jack & Meg White work well together. Others, like children & strip clubs, maybe not so much.

Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Adrian Ross just wants to help kids. So he decided that the best way to raise…

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NFL Forces Super Bowl Mascot To Be Renamed

In a somewhat-confusing act, the National Football League is preventing the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee from naming the Super Bowl mascot “Spike the Super Ball,” as it is too similar to Super Bowl, which is apparently okay to have in the name of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, but not in the name of their…

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