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Video: Frankie Hejduk Slapped By Paco Ramirez After U.S. Slaps Mexico 2-0 In World Cup Qualifier

Following last night’s USA beatdown of Mexico 2-0, assistant Mexican soccer coach Paco Ramirez had some words for American Frankie Hejduk. To accompany those words, he had a slap.

Afterward, Hejduk said:
“I was just trying to pump the crowd up [as he was leaving the field]. I was actually saying, ‘F*&% yeah!’ I think they thought I was saying, ‘F*&% you.’ It was a misunderstanding…

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Gold Cup Final Thread – United States vs. Mexico – And you thought last time was unfriendly

Yes, we’ve used that video before, and no, I don’t care. You’ll undoubtedly see it again. There’s nothing better than “Welcome to the Jungle” and some highlights from previous meetings between the United States and Mexico to get you ready for today’s Gold Cup Final between the two teams.

This is the…

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