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Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball, Gives It To His Daughter, Girl Throws It Away: Video

Every now and then we get a good “aww” moment in sports, but this one comes from an unlikely source: Philadelphia.

Jayson Werth hit a foul ball into the upper level at Citizens Bank Park. A dad in Phillies gear made a nice play, then took in the applause of his fellow fans…

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Nationals Ball Girl Botches Fair Ball, Goes On YouTube: Video

Not only can the Washington Nationals themselves not play baseball properly (winning streak aside – seriously, what the hell?), their ball girls can’t do much better.

This ball girl went to snag what she thought was a foul ball, but it skipped past her as she fell over. To top it all off…

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Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Makes Catch While Holding Child

There haven’t been many good defensive plays for D-backs fans to cheer for this year. Hell, there haven’t been many plays for them to applaud period.

So it’s not surprising that fans would take matters into their own hands to create their own highlight reel…

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Melky Cabrera Fouls A Ball Off His Balls: Video

What goes up must come down. And what is hit downward with a strong force will bounce back up with force, especially this foul ball by Melky Cabrera of the New York Yankees. Taking a foul ball to the groin is not pleasant.

Isn’t physics fun? At least for us. Melky probably didn’t…

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