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Alleged new Miami Marlins logo looks rather suggestive (photo)


Does anyone else see a woman, spread-eagled, giving the finger?

That’s certainly one way to sell baseball in Miami.

Via The Score & The Big Lead

Yankees Fan Fights Marlins Fans: Video

To those who say there is no crying in baseball, I present to you this video of a fight between Yankees fans and Marlins fans in Miami this weekend.

One Yankees fan took on an entire family, recovering from a couple of knockdowns by a Marlins fan to then connect with a solid…

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Washington Nationals Uniforms Say Washington Natinals

If you’re the Washington Nationals, things can’t get much worse. You’re 1-9, you play in a horrible area of DC, and you have little hope of improving, aside from hopefully getting Stephen Strasburg (but you won’t get too excited yet because he’s represented by Scott Boras and will either want too much money or will jump in front of a train to avoid signing with the Nationals).

You can…

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Scott Olsen, come on down! You’re the next contestant on "Who wants to fight and get tasered by the Miami PD?"

Miami-based athletes are not content to let Phoenix have this year’s crown for “most police incidents by professional athletes”.

Earlier this year, Miami Dolphins lineman Frederick Evans fought with police and ended up being tasered after throwing up in the back of a taxi.

This morning, it was…

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