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Soccer player gets yellow card for farting in the referee’s face


For all the criticism we give refs, they also put up with a lot of crap from players.

Referee Bunny Reid of the Portsmouth Sunday league in England was walking past Levi Foster of AFC GOP prior to their match against Apsley House when the player did something quite offensive.

Foster had bent over to make…

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Tiger Woods Farts His Way To Yet Another Win

When you’re Tiger Woods, you can do pretty much anything on the course and get away with it, even fart.

During the final round of today’s Buick Open, Tiger let his rear end roar on the last hole. Between the sound and his need to lift his leg during the fart, it must…

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Football Player Farts During Penalty Attempt, Costing His Team A Goal

fartThose cheeky Brits are at it again.

A player from Chorlton Villa, a low-level club in England, farted loudly as an opponent was taking a penalty for International Manchester FC.

The guy missed the kick, but was allowed to retake the penalty after the flatulence. The offender was given a yellow card for his emission.

After the…

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Video: Fart During CBS Telecast Of FBR Open

The FBR Open in Scottsdale is the most exciting non-major on the PGA tour, home of the rambunctious 16th hole.

Someone on the CBS Sports golf team found this excitement to be just a bit too much and couldn’t control themselves, as a fart can clearly be heard in this clip.


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