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Shades of Tyson vs. Secretariat as Newcastle United fan tries to fight police horse (video)

They were so drunk.

Following today’s match between Newcastle United and Sunderland, 29 people were arrested and four police officers were hurt as fans attempted to fight in Newcastle city center. Bottles were thrown at police, and garbage cans were set on fire. It was a typical English football riot, except for one detail.

One gentleman…

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Girls high school soccer brawl in Rhode Island: Video

This weekend’s Rhode Island girls soccer championship game between the Woonsocket Villa Novans and the Tolman Tigers would have made Elizabeth Lambert proud.

With Woonsocket up 5-0 in the final minute, tempers flared. Woonsocket’s Kristen Cahill and Tolman’s Maria Lopera realized they had just one more minute left to try to earn a…

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Dad Brings Son To Pop Warner Practice Late, Ends Up Getting Beat Up By The Coach


The world of youth sports is once again showing us the sort of sportsmanship that kids are learning these days.

Michael VonKahle was 10 minutes late bringing his 12-year-old son, Tyler, to his Pop Warner practice in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Coach William Reynolds made the boy start to run laps, but his father stepped in, saying that the…

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Philadelphia MMA Fans Decide UFC 101 Action Is Insufficient, Add Some Of Their Own: Video

UFC 101 took place over the weekend in Philadelphia, and the Philly crowd lived up to their reputation, starting this massive brawl in the stands while the sanctioned fighting took place.

The best move of the fight? The punch by the woman that occurs about 25 seconds into the video. There was some…

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Yankees Fan Fights Marlins Fans: Video

To those who say there is no crying in baseball, I present to you this video of a fight between Yankees fans and Marlins fans in Miami this weekend.

One Yankees fan took on an entire family, recovering from a couple of knockdowns by a Marlins fan to then connect with a solid…

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