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Amare Stoudemire dunks on Anthony Tolliver (video)

The title of this sick dunk on YouTube says it best: AMARE STOUDEMIRE KILLS ANTHONY TOLLIVER

Amare threw that down on Tolliver so hard that he will be picking pieces of the ball out of his children’s teeth.

The Suns came to life after Amare’s dunk & held on to beat the…

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Keion Bell of Pepperdine Dunks Over Five Teammates At Midnight Madness: Video

The highlight of Pepperdine’s Midnight Madness was Keion Bell’s sick dunk. How impressive was it? He jumped over not one, but 5 of his teammates. The most remarkable part is that it looked like he could have cleared even more.

Next year he should try to clear that giant mascot. Seriously, what is…

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WGN Reporter Dunks On Child, Makes Him Cry: Video

WGN sports reporter Pat Tomasulo feels like “the lowest person on the planet,” and he should. He dunked on a little child, then taunted him.

His taunting was in jest, but a kid is never going to understand that. After Tomasulo threw the ball down and yelled at the child, the little boy then ran away to hide.

Even when Tomasulo realized that he was being…

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Dwight Howard Breaks The Shot Clock With Powerful Slam Dunk: Video

There’s something about being on the Orlando Magic that just makes people break basketball hoops.

Back in his Orlando days, Shaq broke hoops on multiple occassions. After his thunderous slam dunk last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, you can add Dwight Howard to that list.

Howard’s first quarter dunk shook the whole…

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Wyoming’s Adam Waddell Does A Backflip Following A Dunk: Video

White men can dunk. Landing properly, however, is an entirely different manner.

In the Wyoming Cowboys’ first round College Basketball Invitational game against the Northeastern Huskies, Adam Waddell dunked the ball, then as he followed through, he began to do a flip. Had he landed on his feet it would have been cool, but instead he…

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